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© Simon Menges


Wever & Ducré is pleased about the strategic partnership that its parent company the XAL Group is entering into with the Swedish lighting company Wästberg. The XAL Group has become the sole minority shareholder of Wästberg with this step.

Wästberg, founded in 2008 by Magnus Wästberg, works with some of the world's leading architects and designers, including David Chipperfield, Ilse Crawford, Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of Industrial Facility, Inge Sempé, Oki Sato, Jasper Morrison, and John Pawson. The group's investment into Wästberg bolsters the product portfolio to include high-end designer luminaires. For Wästberg, the group's investment is a strong vote of confidence as an independent, design-oriented lighting company. More importantly, the partnership signals a step-change in Wästberg's development and gives the brand immediate access to the R&D, production, and distribution resources of one of the world's top technical lighting manufacturers.

Magnus Wästberg remains CEO and majority shareholder. The company and the brand retain their independence. Wästberg's headquarters remains in Sweden. Synergies will be optimally tapped. The group's sales team will represent the Wästberg brand worldwide.

For information please contact press@weverducre.com.


„We complement each other perfectly. On top of XAL’s high-end architectural lighting solutions and Wever & Ducré’s decorative luminaires, thanks to Wästberg we are now offering our customers designer lighting by the world’s most renowned architects, designers, and lighting experts. Furthermore, we are strengthening our position in the Scandinavian market and our international sales team is positioning Wästberg’s high-end designer luminaires worldwide.“
© Stella Kager
Managing director Wever & ducré


Working closely with leading architects and designers, Wästberg aims to hone well-being through good lighting. Wästberg creates technologically inspired, economically viable, and environmentally conscious lighting. Lighting that responds to basic physical and emotional human needs and adapts to those needs as they evolve and change.



„I have been working hard for several years to increase Wästberg's growth rate without losing sight of our core values and the culture that embodies our long-term relationships with designers, suppliers, and customers. Scaling is essential to achieve fantastic lighting, fully explore the ideas that emerge from our collaborations, and take advantage of all the opportunities the rapid evolution of technology offers. And, last but not least, to be able to offer unbeatable value for money. The group's support provides the perfect partnership for the next chapter in Wästberg's development. It's a partnership where we will continue to enjoy the core values and culture of a family-owned business but backed by the resources of a large corporation.“
Magnus Wästberg
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