Miami, March 7th 2016

“Copper, chrome, gold – my wall really has to be striking. Ideally in a significant colour combination.”

No wonder. Because KNARF masters the interplay of light and shadow, colours and structure like no other. That’s why we wanted Vienna’s street artist to design our cover. And voilà – his latest masterpiece sprayed in Miami is proudly featured on our title page. And we are as proud as we can be. Just as proud as we are of the numerous other artists and designers who make the Wever & Ducré brand something very special. Year after year.

What was your inspiration for the current cover and thus for your piece in Miami?

Knarf: The work for WEVER & DUCRÉ was part of a series of pictures that I did at that time. I did a lot of experimenting with decorative colours such as copper and chrome, and really tried to find a new way to arrange everything on the wall. The structures and shapes are from Belgium, but it was easy to make them abstract and convert them into my visual language thanks to their significance.

Where does the inspiration for your work generally come from?

Knarf: What drives me and inspires me are very normal things like the places I’m in or the people I meet. This leads to situations and stories that I want to express in my own way.

When are the next events/exhibitions where we can see your work?

Knarf: I’m doing my first individual exhibition in four years under the name 3 mal 20 Wiederholungen, 1 Min Pause. The opening is on 11 June 2016 at Galerie Hilger (Ankerbrotfabrik, Absberggasse 27 / 2.3 in 1100 Vienna, Austria). People can stop by and check out the pieces from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, and I’ll be there myself in the afternoon.