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All it takes is a couple of clicks to get your favourite into the office. The new B2B online store makes this possible. Order around the clock and enjoy exclusive benefits. Once you‘ve registered, your online account get‘s checked by our Customer Service and will be connected to your existing Wever & Ducré business Account. After you have completed your order in our online shop, it will be handled the same way as you‘re used to. Sounds great? Then get your account activated by Customer Service right now. Or head over to  weverducre.com and complete the registration form.


  • Get 3% discount on top of your existing discounts for all web shop orders until the end of December
  • Quick ordering with CSV upload or via entering article codes per line
  • Lower delivery costs for orders below your franco value (except oversized goods)
  • Possibility to skip your delivery days and get your shipment sooner if products are on stock
  • Quick handling of smaller orders
  • Instant check of stock level
  • Option to create multiple baskets
  • Download of invoices and packing slips from all web shop orders



how to get started

To get access to our web shop, you need to create an B2B account on our website. After filling out the registration form for the B2B account, our Customer Service will check your data and enable your account for the web shop, which is connected to your already existing business account at Wever & Ducré. Once this is done, you will get an automatic mail that informs you, that your business account is now activated and ready to use.

To log in / to register, simply visit our website weverducre.com and click on the account symbol on the right top of the navigation.



brand new feature

If you don’t want to search for every single product on the website and add it to the basket piece per piece, there are also two ways to do “quick orders”, which you can start in the user bar (by clicking on the account icon in the navigation) or directly in your basket.

1. Quick ordering per line
You can easily enter your desired article numbers in the quick order field and add the needed amount with a #. By clicking “add to basket” the articles are added to your current active basket.

2. Quick ordering per csv upload
You can also export a csv from your ERP system and upload it here to have the articles added automatically to your desired basket.

The .csv must be built out of at least 2 columns:
1. column: article numbers
2. column: amount
3. column: basket name (optional)

With the 3rd column, you have the option to create multiple baskets with only one upload. You will find a default template in the pop up that opens when you click on “upload csv”.



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