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London, New York, Amsterdam – our bloggers get around. And their lifestyle is always up-to-date. That's why we asked them to present their very personal lighting trends to you. So hit FOLLOW and discover current designs, the latest product features, and undreamt-of assembly options. Sounds great? Then don't keep MIRRO, ROOMOR, and CO waiting. Discover your favourite luminaire from the comfort of your sofa.


"Our kitchen in transition. I don't know about you, but every now and then I need a change in my life, even if it's just a new haircut or some new lamps. The thing with the lamps was not so easy. Especially with @whatever_hubby, who is always extremely critical about changes. This time, however, we both quickly agreed that the WIRO's 3.8 from @weverducre fit in like a glove and will certainly accompany us for the next few years." 



"Our bathroom is finally done, yay! ♥ This has definitely been the biggest project within Casa cozy but so happy we are finally done and we love the result ♥ There is a new blogpost with all the details and more pictures, and also a new video on YouTube."



"Good morning from my office! I just wanted to show you my new desk lamp from @weverducre. It's the "REVER DINING" and I think it fits perfectly! Definitely a great way to work."



"Look at this beautiful MIRRO 2.0 pendant light from @weverducre hanging above my dining table. The MIRRO COLLECTION is designed by @13and9design and it incorporates a reflecting metallic surface element that resembles a mirror and creates a dynamic relationship between user, luminaire and light. I love the simple round shape above my round dining table and I introduced a matching MIRRO 2.0 floor lamp in my living room as well (have a look in my stories or in today’s blogpost), which makes the look complete."





"The subject of lighting in my studio has been on my mind for some time. I wanted to use several vintage industrial and modern design luminaires to emphasise the loft character and finally found them at @weverducre. I have chosen several luminaires as I am not only enthusiastic about the quality but also about the design. The first one I would like to show you today, a wall lamp from the ROOMOR collection. I think it fits in here wonderfully and blends in really well with the surroundings. What do you think? Inspired by the design style of the 20's with its eye-catching wiring, the luminaire is available in different colours and different versions, whether for a desk or as a floor, ceiling or wall luminaire. I have chosen this all-black version and I am really happy with it. The high-quality workmanship, the design and the easy installation simply convinced me. 

Happy Friday!"



"Sometimes you don't even know what you were looking for until you hold it in your hands. That's what happened with our new ROOMOR 2.0 table lamp from @weverducre. We had been looking for a new lamp that would suit us better. It had to be elegant, of high quality, and at the same time blend in well with our natural furnishings. Thanks to the slim design, flexible joints, a high-quality textile cable and an ingenious matt surface, we found "our" lamp, which will certainly accompany us for a lifetime. What is your last "it-piece" in the furnishing sector that will accompany you for a lifetime?"




"Check out my newest addition to my living room! I am a big fan of the design and quality of @weverducre luminaires. So I was stoked when they were so kind to send me this beauty to showcase in my living room! The golden sleek yet classic lines work a treat with the ornamental ceiling and the new colours of my wall and couch. What do you think?⁣"




„I instantly fell in love with the design and high quality natural materials of the ROCK COLLECTION.“
© Marieke Rijksen


"Everything step by step. The new lamp from @weverducre has finally been installed and I like it so much! When the new dining table is finally delivered, it will be a perfect fit."



"I have been looking for the perfect lamps behind these lovely sofas for some time now! It's become ROCK COLLECTION, beautiful designer lamps from @weverducre! The perfect height and let's face it, it looks amazing! The lampshade is made of natural stone, so each shade is unique ✨"


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