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Life is too short for boring lighting

We all know it, the famous glimpse at the ceiling during which you think: "Well, everyone really does have that light". That's why we strive to achieve lighting solutions that first and foremost fit the description: unique. Who inspires us in the process? From people like you, who share our enthusiasm for beautiful things and attach as much importance to noble design as to high-quality workmanship. Does it sound passionate? Well, that's what it is. After all, life is simply far too short for boring light fixtures.

For everyone, delivered fast

We develop extraordinary designs with a particularly long service life using fresh ideas, state-of-the-art LED technology and a courageous team. So, how can this be topped? We offer affordable prices and a super-fast delivery service that delivers 90% of our collection directly from our EU warehouse. To be honest, life is far too short for long waiting times.

From Belgium with love

Light'em up

Year after year, street artists from all corners of the globe shine the right light on Wever & Ducré, ensuring our Belgian lighting brand remains fresh and on-trend. Curious about what extraordinary works have been created in the process? Our Artwork Histroy has the most stunning catalogue covers from 2014 onwards for you to view. Ready? Then let's just say: Stage lights on!

This is us


Every story has to have a beginning. Ours begins in the early eighties, when a handful of young Belgians decide to start a new lighting company. So far, so good. Yet what name should the company be given? Since several official languages are spoken in Belgium - including Flemish and French - there was only one choice: The name would need to be equally at home in both worlds, phonetically. Then, by chance, a document fell into the hands of the company's founders: a little guide to a successful life. His advice: Hard work (“WERklust”), trust (“VERtrouwen”) and enthusiasm (“ENthousiasm”), but also courage (“DUrf”) and a good dose of creativity (“CREativiteit”). Today, these five points still constitute our company philosophy.

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