Almwellness Pierer
Almwellness Pierer

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When do we give a hotel maximum points? When we feel right at home straightaway, of course. From the first moment on. What particularly influences this feeling? The right light. Its colour and intensity essentially help determine whether we perceive a room as somewhat unwelcoming or inviting. That is why areas like the lobby and reception should always appear bright and friendly. Hotel rooms and wellness areas should, however, have more warm light colours and indirect lighting.

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Intelligent hotel lighting

You should consider the costs of light planning – this will help you sleep as peacefully as your guests. Usually much more light is planned than necessary. Intelligent zoning, motion detectors or optimised light control can save a lot of money. Here is an example: Use asymmetric lights in the hallway that reflect the light on the opposite wall. Or use wall-mounted luminaires instead of recessed luminaires, which, when placed intelligently, require fewer light points. Such small tips can significantly reduce the installation and maintenance costs.

Our favourites for hotels

Our lighting collections are specifically designed for the hotel industry – they are beautiful, functional, and ready to check in. The highlight is that they are available in many different shapes, colours, and sizes, and thus adapt perfectly to the respective room concept. You can use them alone or in combination with other Wever & Ducré models.


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