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Would you like to take a closer look at our products? No problem. With our product videos, we take you on a journey into the world of Wever & Ducré. By clicking on the play button, you can easily bring your favourite product to life and view it from all its best sides - as often and as long as you like.

B(l)ackhome city apartments

At Arch.DI Michael Kadletz, light is an integral part of the plan. Lights, furniture, and surrounding architecture must be in harmony and -- as in any good relationship -- bring out the best in each other.

A total of 15 different room types in the b(l)ackhome city apartments in Graz required a flexible and bespoke lighting design. Kadletz let the lights speak to him and worked consciously with their quirks. "We started with the light, then the other interior design elements followed." This meant playing with light and shadow and accentuating the surfaces in the rooms in different ways. Our BOX lights show themselves as little artists and give the walls a dynamic and changeable design. Is this careful light painting or a magic trick?


light my way

Whether after a great party or a long day at the office, PALOS will get you home safely either way. Thanks to its asymmetrical beam angle, it illuminates paths and driveways over an impressively wide area, helping navigation at night.



Regeneration and work – where can this cycle be better illustrated than at a mattress manufacturer's office? The employees of internationally leading Emma – The Sleep Company are dedicated to good sleep. Their offices cover three floors and 4,500 m². The architectural firm VRAI was commissioned to create an attractive and varied workplace at Emma’s headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. We turn night into day, in the best possible sense – and that should be immediately clear to visitors.



Exuding 1950s charm like no other. We‘re not talking about style icon Audrey Hepburn, but about our eponymous luminaire. It should never miss a cocktail party. Why invite it? Because it can change its look more often than any movie star. It looks just as fantastic in matte black as it does in shimmering gold. How does that work? Choose a mounting and combine it with up to eight different shade forms. Looking for an eye-catcher for the wall? You can customise ODREY‘s shape with three elegant cuff shapes.

Elaine's Takeaway

Flirting Opposites

Elaine's Takeaway naturally and cleverly combines two worlds. The design brief was a dual colour concept, "bespoke and positively crazy". This happened on 40m2 of sales space in Frankfurt's banking and railway station district. The chic snack bar was to both attract attention like a colourful dog, while also making an impact through visual freshness, lightness, and the unique presentation of its goods. A job made for the architectural firm VRAI and its core values of care, enthusiasm, and good taste.


Elegant and timeless

J.J.W. by renowned Belgian architect Jules Wabbes has been a Wever & Ducré classic for years. The delicately bended lines bear witness of sophisticated aesthetics as much as of an elaborated production technology. We think that this is tradition at its best and continue the product range, including ceiling and wall luminaires, all available in two different colours. The fact that in october 2012 the »Palais des Beaux Arts« in Brussels dedicated a whole exhibition to Jules Wabbes’ work shows, that we are not alone with this opinion.

Come on by!

Anyone who loves exceptional and fresh design must see Kortrijk. Kortrijk hosts one of the most important trade fairs in Europe, and as City of Design, it is home to the latest lighting trends since 2019. Want to see for yourself? Come to the Wever & Ducré headquarters which boasts a new production facility and a huge showroom. Sounds good? Let's go. A fresh cup of coffee and our brand-new collections are waiting for you.

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