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Emma The Sleep Company

Emma The Sleep Company
  • Location
    Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Photographer
    @ nina Struve for VRAI interior architecture

Blue Night - Golden Morning

Regeneration and work – where can this cycle be better illustrated than at a mattress manufacturer's office? The employees of internationally leading Emma – The Sleep Company are dedicated to good sleep. Their offices cover three floors and 4,500 m². The architectural firm VRAI was commissioned to create an attractive and varied workplace at Emma’s headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. We turn night into day, in the best possible sense – and that should be immediately clear to visitors. In the "Emmis" office, recreation has the importance suggested by their products. Classic office spaces alternate with retreat zones for focussed individual work; open spaces promote exchange, and so-called nap stations are an invitation to recharge empty batteries horizontally. Here, a great night's rest is no sweet dream, but a well-tested promise.

Sleepless nights? Not with Emma. The central design idea was the visual reproduction of a natural night cycle. VRAI developed a concept that imitates the mood of the light from sunset to sunrise in terms of colour, from dark blue and violet tones to warm wine red to the radiant orange of the morning sun which kisses even the last late riser awake. VRAI's typical attention to detail is evident in the precise matching of all floor coverings, textiles, and furniture to the colour scheme. Sarah Ungeheuer, the architect responsible for the project, used light as a "core element and important architectural means to lend structure to the space".

To achieve this, VRAI chose a different light from Wever & Ducré’s portfolio for each zone. The round, softly radiating MILES forms an abstract planetary system in the slumber zone, while ROBY shines in various sizes as a softly glowing starry sky. The DJ booth with its dynamically curved "disco ball ceiling" made of hundreds of individual mirrors is beautifully staged by SQUBE on track. Various versions of the WIRO suspended light act as a consistent, atmospheric element, while the restrained SOLID provides support as ambient lighting. A workspace dream has come true in the Sleep Company's office.




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