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Let's lift the mood

What makes a great dining location? Well, good food and fine wine, of course! But don’t underestimate a smart design and lighting concept: With the right light, you can definitely win over even the fussiest foodies. Light is the ideal way to set the mood – it creates an atmosphere and guides the eye. And with the right colour and intensity, the perfect light can make just any room feel like your second home. The key to good lighting: Make sure to match the single fixtures and always keep the design in mind. Mixing different materials, shapes and sizes gives a room a certain look and adds a very personal touch. Even if it’s not easy to predict how the lighting concept will turn out in the end – don’t worry: You can always test it in advance with a 3D model.


How can I accentuate a room?


Going for the cool industrial vibe or a playful retro chic? Your call. After all, you’re the one deciding who’s going to sit across from you at the bar. That’s why the shape, material and size of the lights should fit the look and feel of the location. And of course, they should easily mix and match. Cue: the MIRRO Collection with its reflective and metallic surface – the perfect addition to a young, extraordinary location style.

How do I set the mood?


Hands off very bright and direct lights. A restaurant or bar looks best in soft, indirect light acting as a mood-setter. But don’t forget! The tables should be given a little extra attention. Here, hanging lamps can draw attention and set the stage for the stars of the evening: great drinks and food. The secret weapon of a lighting concept is and will always remain: a dimmer. It can easily change the light from a soft 2700 K, which is the perfect colour for dinner, to a refreshing 3000 K – the perfect light for breakfast – in no time. And if you’re going for a more romantic ambiance, just set it to 2200 K and your guests won’t even notice that there’s no candle in the room.

What's the right colour temperature?


Real talk: No matter how minimal and simplistic the interior design – a room should always feel warm and welcoming. If you want to create a space your guests feel comfy in right when stepping through the door, you have to remember two things. First: It’s important that the colour temperature and reproduction plays nicely with light and shadow. Second: Remember that warm white light with colours from 2700 to 3000 Kelvin is your best friend. If you can tick these two boxes, you’re in for a cosy, inviting atmosphere. The “Hey there, come on in!” kind of atmosphere we’re going for.

Restaurant Habel, Berlin

PROJECT | Design by 6vorne

Restaurant Habel probably has hands down one of the best addresses in all of Berlin: Because incredible yet true, the cult location is in 5 minute-walking distance from the Reichstag. And if that’s not enough, the guest list is just as impressive; ranging from high-profile politicians and artists to well-known sports personalities casually going in and out. Over the years, Wein Habel has become an integral part of the Berlin dining scene and now appears in a whole new light, thanks to the design team at 6vorne who breathed new life into the it-restaurant with a smart facelift. “The biggest challenge for us was to keep the traditional spirit of this long-standing location”, says Murat Top, leading designer of the project. “But we had to think up a new design, because the concept of the restaurant wasn’t working the way it used to. The reason was the floor plan, but also the poorly executed lighting concept with floor lamps and candles which hadn’t been properly thought through.” A room height of five meters made it almost impossible to install ceiling spots, which posed another problem for the light design crew. “We needed to come up with an alternative”, says Top. “That’s why we decided to go with the walls as our primary focus. The ceiling lights are just for decoration.”

The result was an innovative, modern concept that paid off and definitely makes an impact. The main focus: The delicate WIRO and the sleek DOCUS that accentuate the bar area with soft gold and copper tones. On the walls: The DOCUS wall, creating a subtle, indirect mood light and giving the room a warm, inviting vibe.



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