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Simple Formality

even if maths wasn't your favourite subject:

You’ll love these four stunning geometric shapes. BOX, DOCUS, HEXO, and RAY are hard to beat when it comes to elegance and flexibility. That makes them ideal for virtually any space. No matter if they sparkle from the ceiling or shine from the walls. The sleek, narrow luminaires are available in six great colours, as well as in many different versions. Also for use outdoors. They’ll elicit an admiring “wow” from your dear friends and relatives right in the entrance area. Who would have thought that geometry could be so enthralling?

MIX and MAtch Your universal stars

Inner values matter.

Our Universal Stars are not only flexible when it comes to colour and mounting, you can also combine insets and lamps individually with our online configurator.


„Beauty is the harmony of function and form, like our “universal stars” shining throughout our families.“
Robert massimo
area sales director


There’s no need to gild the lily! The new Wever & Ducré catalogue is out! Digital for now, and including a host of great features that make planning even easier. You can now load videos or configurators directly onto the display via QR code. And build your favourite light even faster. Doesn’t that sound great? Then get started! But it gets even better: If you prefer to look at things on paper, order your print copy here



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