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SLR Ecodesign regulation for light sources

As of 1st September 2021, the extension of the Ecodesign Regulation came into force to reduce the EU's growing waste problem. The SLR (Single Lighting Regulation) is an important strategy to address the fastest growing source of waste, e-waste. Luminaires must now state whether their light sources and the control gear are replaceable. Wever & Ducré considers environmental protection a core issue, which is why almost all Wever & Ducré luminaires have replaceable electronic components to help keep our environmental footprint as low as possible. The symbols for the individual parts' replaceability indicated on each luminaire mean that you know immediately which components can be easily replaced. For replacements by experts please contact our Customer Service.

Replaceability of Wever & Ducré products

Explanation of serviceability icons

The light source can be replaced by the end user.

The driver can be replaced by the end user.

The light source is replaceable by an authorized professional. For advice contact your Wever & Ducré customer service contact point. 

The driver is replaceable by an authorized professional. For advice contact your Wever & Ducré customer service contact point.

The light source is not replaceable.

The driver is not replaceable.

Energy labelling regulation

Another innovation is the product database European Product Registry for Energy Labelling (EPREL). For the first time, all light sources on the market are registered in this database on the basis of defined criteria, relevant information is bundled and made easily accessible.

You can find the new Energy Labels by clicking on the small colored flag on the product page as well as under downloads.


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