Bedroom lighting

A good night’s sleep is no longer all we want from our bedroom. After all, laptops and tablets are always with us these days. Even when we are not on a business trip.That is why a good reading light plays just as big a role in the design of a bedroom as atmospheric mood lighting.

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This is how you do it

Do's and Dont's in bedroom lighting

Different activities require different types of lighting - relaxing, reading, waking up, sorting laundry, working. There is not just one type of bedroom lighting, think about the different needs. For example, parents’ room and children’s room.

Avoid using spotlights as reading lamps. Use special reading lights that you can direct to the desired location. Provide reading light on both sides of the bed. Preferably use lights that are adjustable.

Place spotlights and spotlights close to the wall to create warm accents with indirect light. Use indirect wall lighting above the bed to create an intimate atmosphere. Do not place the lighting directly above the bed. Use the ceiling area or the walls.

Use different circuits so that you have more options for a pleasant atmosphere in your bedroom and do not turn all the lights on or off at once. Use different switches so you can control the lights from both the bed and the door.

Use dimmable lighting to control the atmosphere depending on the activity. Dimming and indirect lighting create an atmospheric atmosphere in the room. Dimmable solutions and the use of multiple circuits give you more control over the lighting and therefore also over the feeling in a room. Indirect lighting, wall lights and bedside lamps give the bedroom character.

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