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Morgan McKinley
Morgan McKinley

Why so serious?

People usually work hard and concentrate in a conference room. However, this does not mean that the lighting concept leaves no space for creativity. On the contrary. It is precisely these rooms that are often used for other events, such as weddings or corporate parties. That is why a little mood making is absolutely allowed here. For example with decorative pendant luminaires such as ROCKGIGANT, or WIRO, which allow you to easily create great highlights on the ceiling. Those who prefer a more minimalist style can, of course, also elicit an astonished “Wow!” from their guests with VENN or ELLO.



Office CA-IMMO
„Conference rooms have to meet high standards. In addition to the design requirements for lighting planning, another convenience lies in their simple and individual operability. Pre-defined lighting scenes support these different requirements and greatly contribute to a good communication and conference atmosphere.“
Daniel Walden
a·g Licht Planungsbüro | cologne, Germany

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