The message
is love


Welcome to my world

A small, brightly coloured planet where only good people live – that is Zoie Lam's vision of a different, better society. And the Hong Kong-born artist paints it on the wall in bright colours. She calls this extraordinary place ZLISM, a dense maze of streets and houses in which the inhabitants constantly experience new adventures. Zoie continues these stories in each work, spreading her own personal message of love, respect, and joie de vivre. Where does the name ZLISM come from? It is made up of her initials "ZL" and “LISM", and stands for the artist's very own, positive philosophy.

„People should feel happiness and joy when they see this work of art.“

About the artwork

It's a mild November day in the middle of Hong Kong, where Zoie Lam is working on one of her brightly coloured murals. The street artist grew up in the vibrant metropolis and is bringing a slice of Belgian joie de vivre to the city for Wever & Ducré. "From Belgium with love" is the message that Zoie illustrates in her intense, colourful style. The result is a fictional world of Belgian and local architecture that fits perfectly into her ZLISM universe. "I just want people to feel good when they see my mural," says Zoie and lets us feel this positive energy with every brushstroke.

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