An infinite
love story

David Meggs, Melbourne

Love for our local planet

This artwork represents the continual growth cycles and flow of the natural environment. It contrasts rigid geometry with organic movement and floral elements, both painted and real, as a celebration of life cycle and the impacts and relationship we have with our planet. Creating the piece in an abandoned location further adds to the story of growth and decay and the artwork was informed by the existing plant regrowth and urban decay as well as using wood and other materials found on site in the artwork itself.

„Nature is an eternal cycle of growth and decay.“

About the artist

David ‘MEGGS’ Hooke (b. 1978, Melbourne, Australia) is a mural, street and fine artist recognized for his large scale murals and detailed paintings that combine elements of nature, urban life and abstraction to evokes a sense of flowing movement and states of change. David has been creating street/graffiti and gallery artwork since 2003, including painting internationally and spending six years living and working in the USA. His work explores core themes of sustainability, consumerism and life’s dualities in a continuing personal journey of self growth and connection to place.

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