Thank you for the Flowers

Jonas DEVACHT, Kortrijk


Light is the core theme in Jonas' work, which he sees as an "illustrative collage of patterns, geometric shapes and naturalistic elements". For him, it is closely associated with growth and therefore has a particularly positive connotation. A beautiful symbol of this: the many blossoms and tendrils that run across the entire work in different styles. For Jonas, they stand for the growth of Wever & Ducré on the one hand, but also for his personal development as an artist. As an interface between the outside and the inside, the eye symbolizes the information that light enables the transformation of life.

„I enjoy combining different influences and see where it leads me.“


Jonas believes that “Inspiration can be found anywhere." However, he prefers to look for it in small bookstores and in the hustle and bustle of cities. This is where he came up with the concept for our mural, which in 2022 will focus on the topic of “light”. “I would describe my work as an illustrative collage. A mixture of patterns, geometric shapes and naturalistic elements”, explains the artist, for whom flowers in particular have a strong, symbolic meaning: “For me, they represent aesthetics and growth. Two aspects that I was particularly concerned with in this project”.

“Not least”, continues Jonas, “because I have also grown personally through self-initiated, artistic work. As a commercial illustrator, one is usually confined to a precise briefing. In this case it was completely different.” A freedom that visibly inspired the Belgian artist. And this is particularly radiated by the mural with its intense black-blue contrasts. And just to let you know: Jona's artwork is now officially one of Kortrijk's new attractions, and you can view it personally right in our foyer in the Warehouse.


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