Costa Collection

Wever & Ducré

Mediterranean charme

On the coast in Barcelona, you’re not just able to gather fabulous mussels but ideas, as well. And it’s exactly where we found the inspiration for our COSTA outdoor lighting collection too. What have we done with this inspiration, you ask? Created playful luminaires with decorative accents that resemble the colourful nets of Spanish fishermen and the fine texture of sunshades. Thanks to their smart design, the portable lighting can be used either directly on the floor, as floor lamps or as hanging lamps.

And since the beach isn’t the only place where we appreciate some comfort, this water-resistant outdoor lighting has been designed to accompany you everywhere. Be it your garden or your patio, before you know it, COSTA will have turned any outdoor space into a bright sea of light.

Costa around the world

From coast to coast! In the summer of 2018 our COSTA outdoor lighting was on a journey around the world and has explored all the beautiful coasts. Follow us on Instagram to discover more great stories.


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