May we introduce?

The 48 volt system makes evenly illuminating rooms, setting accents, and providing excellent mood lighting a breeze. Click the desired inset, and you‘re ready to go. Choose between opal or dot insets, spot insets and various suspended luminaires. This delivers a great atmosphere in hotels, restaurants, bars or shops and in private homes. The luminaires can be controlled via DALI or using your smartphone or tablet thanks to a snap-in Casambi control module. But how exactly does that look? We will be happy to show you.



Our STREX System is a true allrounder and has a solution to every lighting challenge. Easily configure the layout of your track system and combine the insets individually to fit your interior concept. All it takes are just a few simple clicks.


One for all

Whether in a private living room or in a 5-star restaurant: our STREX system offers complete flexibility and design freedom for every lighting situation and requirement. See for yourself:

The way i feel


There are moments when you just know that you need something new right now. But how can a living room, kitchen, and the like be restyled without too much effort? We suggest simply bringing STREX home to conjure up a completely new atmosphere in a few easy steps. How's it work? Click the inset in place and start combining. Small spotlights such as CENO, MATCH or MICK are ideal for illuminating every nook and cranny, such as in cupboards or niches. If a simple downlight is required, then the Universal Stars, RAY, BOX, HEXO or DOCUS in the mini version are a good choice. Elegant decorative lights like STUBE, SOLLI, or ODREY craft atmosphere by shining from the ceiling in assorted colours and shapes. You have a microscopic apartment? No problem. Continuous lighting systems make even the smallest home seem a little bigger.


I like to move it


We often know after a few minutes whether a hotel or restaurant has earned our Like. Why? Because we notice the ambience above all. This only happens when lighting design and interior perfectly match. The good news is that our insets come in gold, black, white, and even in hand-blown glass. A perfect match is almost guaranteed. And if you have to spontaneously change something? Just replace or move the insets with one click. Any table arrangement can be individually staged. From the romantic table for two, to the sophisticated festive table. Unforgettable.


Cut it your way


If you need even more flexibility and want to perfectly meet the requirements of your surroundings, we’ve also got your back. We offer all our STREX SYSTEM tracks in custom lengths. Starting from 200mm, you can choose the exact length you need up to 2999mm. Also for the suspended indirect version, you can get cuts in specific lengths. Ready to get started? With our STREX configurator, you can simply plan your personal track system with your custom lengths. So nothing stands in the way of your individual STREX SYSTEM solution. 



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