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Casa Llamp
Casa Llamp

We combine...

In designing VENN, Serge Cornelissen has taken set theory to a new level. By using the indirect light from two overlapping squares, breathtaking effects can be created. So, VENN is not only full of surprises, it is also a multifunctional design item. But probably its best feature is the ability to arrange it individually or as a multiple array: side by side, overlapping, wall or ceiling mounted. Exactly where and how many units you choose to arrange is entirely up to you.

„With VENN we wanted to create a product that has the ability of drawing attention or - if you like - a statement than just 'being there'“

Designer story

With its mesmerizing effect of lines and surfaces, of light and dark, VENN became a true icon in our product range. But see for yourself.


Your very own piece of art

Higher, lower, closer together, further apart? Leave the art of arranging your VENN light artwork to our configurator, it knows exactly how to use the space ideally and transform your home into a private gallery.


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