WETRO Collection


Wild thing

You might be thinking you recognise it. Correct. The elegant WETRO has long been one of Wever & Ducré‘s classics. That‘s why our designers wanted to give the much-loved luminaire a completely different look. The idea? The hand blown shade, made of the most beautiful Italian glass, is provided with a little more structure to make WETRO shine in a completely different light. We think it‘s excellent and we are delighted to be able to present a vintage version of our classic. And all this in three different sizes.

WETRO 2.0 & 3.0 were awarded

„The characteristic element of WETRO is that every single shade is hand-blown. Belgian Design and Italian craftsmanship in perfect harmony.“

Designer story

Each piece is unique. Glass is a special material. Find out more about the history of WETRO - our classic luminaire, which now shines in a new light.


Probably the best glass in the world

Wever & Ducré searched for the highest quality glass in the world to give WETRO a new look while still preserving the collection’s elegance. Where did we find it? Italy. Italian glass is unique thanks to their range of processes and processing techniques. These are based on several hundred years of experience and craftsmanship. That is precisely what makes WETRO so unique — each glass is a hand-blown one-off.

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