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B(l)ackhome City Apartments

B(l)ackhome City Apartments
  • Location
    Graz, Austria
  • Photographer
    Corinna Unterkofler & Joachim Grubelnik Walter Luttenberger
  • Architect


At Arch.DI Michael Kadletz, light is an integral part of the plan. Lights, furniture, and surrounding architecture must be in harmony and - as in any good relationship - bring out the best in each other.

A total of 15 different room types in the b(l)ackhome city apartments in Graz required a flexible and bespoke lighting design. Kadletz let the lights speak to him and worked consciously with their quirks. "We started with the light, then the other interior design elements followed." This meant playing with light and shadow and accentuating the surfaces in the rooms in different ways. Our BOX lights show themselves as little artists and give the walls a dynamic and changeable design. Is this careful light painting or a magic trick?

To ensure architecture, furniture, and light complement each other, they are never looked at separately. In the entrance area, it was a question of harmoniously closing the gap between the buildings in the historic old town. "Of course, modern architecture should be integrated into the surrounding facades". Wilhelminian style sends its regards: Kadletz selected a lot of glass and another appearance by BOXX to bathe the niches in inviting light.




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