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Private Residence Greece

Private Residence Greece
  • Location
  • Photographer
    Voumvakis Panagiotis
  • Architect
    Spacelab architecture, HALO architectural lighting


Come on in! For the interior design of this residence, the planners went outside. What is the character of the place? What are the rocks and plants like? How to best convey colours, shapes, and textures? How to inspire a feeling of a glass of wine at sunset with the sound of the sea?

The residence's location in Greece presented a logistical challenge to the planners. After all, the key was an interplay between inside and outside, interior and exterior. The result is living spaces whose dense flair and cosy atmosphere clearly arouse longings for an endless holiday. The design of light and architecture cites the much-loved Mediterranean flair -- artificial stone wall claddings, lots of glass, and a bright palette ranging from white to sand conjure the Mediterranean aesthetic.

We never want to be a tourist in a place we love. SMILE IN leads the way and illuminates without being obtrusive. The lights blend into their surroundings, flatter them, and provide reliable orientation on stairs and paths. They simply fit -- like good guests that are always welcome.


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