Endless variations

One idea

Wever & Ducré teamed up with renowned designer Marcello Ziliani, who created an eclectic collection of luminaires. The lapels of men’s jackets served as a model for the diffusers’ shape. The lamp body is composed of a single piece of injection-moulded polycarbonate. Inspired by delicate linens, the surface texture is achieved by a complex, cutting-edge laser technology. Available in a variation of colours and metal finishes, REVER provides every room with an elegant yet warm atmosphere.

Material matters

“For the lamp body, we use a single piece of injection-moulded polycarbonate, a highly technical polymer very similar to glass. It looks amazing, is extremely robust, scratch- and temperature resistant.” Ziliani particularly paid attention to the treatment of the luminaires surface. “We chose a texture inspired by delicate linens for the outer panels and an opaque, satin finish for all the inner surfaces. To achieve this effect, we laser-cut the surfaces of the moulds, which is a complex, cutting edge technology.”

Timeless design

Responding to light, a luminaire has the ability to entirely change a room’s atmosphere. REVER combines extraordinary design and effective illumination with a functional component.

„Despite being a rather small-scaled object, a luminaire can have a significant impact on its surrounding environment.“
Marcello Ziliani

fresh from the press

Whether it’s for an upgrade of your home office, a refresh of your living room, - or the new hotel project with the cosy terrace buzzing around in your head. In our new catalogue you will find the perfect luminaire for your application. Indoor or outdoor, beautifully designed, flexible and very easy to install. Get inspired by more than 4,500 products and more than 600 fascinating projects.




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