yes, we are eco-friends

If you want to make a difference, you have to start with small things. Sounds logical, actually. But permanent changes to daily habits are not easy. That's why sustainability will continue to play a major role for us in the coming years, integrating it step-by-step into our everyday lives. For example, by using glass instead of plastic bottles, or coming to work by a leased bike. Employees can also use the free company loaner bikes for short journeys. And enjoy a free vegetarian lunch with their colleagues on Veggie Thursdays. Sound good? Then you'll also like our "Share and Care" campaign, where you simply share the delicious leftovers from the day before with your office colleagues. This way, hidden cooking talents are discovered and much less food is thrown away at the same time.

people over all

relationships are our gold standard

What motivates you the most in the morning? Sure, a hot cup of coffee. But it's even nicer when your colleagues greet you with a smile at 8am. A good mood is truly contagious. And it's pretty much the most important thing in an office. Apart from enough healthy snacks, of course. But those who enjoy their work simply do a better job. That's why we do everything we can to boost good vibes among our staff. With exciting opportunities for further training, a good work-life balance, and, of course, legendary company parties which have gained cult status.


„Our FUN team organizes regularly unforgettable team events like movie nights, ping pong tournaments, carnival dress ups and much more. A special highlight was the last cheese and wine tasting on our roof terrace. The atmosphere was extremely good, if you know what we mean.“
part of THE WEVER & DUCRÉ fun-team
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