sustainable PRODUcts


20 years led replaceability

We're going to let you in on a little secret: There's something we find almost more beautiful about our luminaires than their design. Their longevity. That's why we make sure right from the development phase that every product complies with the Ecodesign Directive and work consistently towards long-term component interchangeability. For example, LED modules can be easily replaced for up to twenty years. Even if LED technology changes significantly in future. Sounds like a fair deal, right? Because a long product life protects the environment, resources, and your wallet. And that’s exactly what we mean by sustainable design.

„Even our recessed spotlights can be easily upgraded to a new LED module, all while the recessed set remains in the ceiling.“
clemens hammer
Project Manager R&D, Product Engineering


do something drastic, cut the plastic

You know what they say about parcels: the packaging is at least as important as its contents. This holds true beyond the Christmas tree. Our lights have entirely plastic-free packaging all year round. After all, we place equal value on high-quality design as we do on a clean environment. That's why we deliberately decided against disposable packaging. How does your light get to you? In a fully recycled cardboard box, sealed with environmentally friendly tape, and shipped to our customers in record time. Indeed, 90% of our products are directly available from our warehouse and can be delivered to you immediately from Kortrijk. This saves you a long wait.




Whether we like a design depends not just on its shape. Material and colour also play a vital role in luminaires, furniture, or lifestyle products. It quickly became clear to us that we wanted to collaborate with the experts from COLORNETWORK®. What's the collective's ethos? A harmonious and sustainable colour scheme that works across multiple products. That's why COLORNETWORK® selects a "Sustained Colour" every year which, thanks to its calm nature, is long-lasting. An idea that matches our philosophy perfectly and inspires our designers to ever new ideas.

„A Sustained Color is characterised by long-term validity and versatility.“
oliver märsch
sales director Wever & Ducré, member of colornetwork®
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